Dealer Table




Dealer Table:  Dealers are defined as those selling merchandise including but not limited to real authentic eggs, shells, your own decorated eggs, kits, cut eggs, supplies, miniatures, instructions, books, CD’s, etc.  Teachers selling extra kits and instructions are defined as dealers. The table fee is $100.00 for a 6 x 2 ½ foot table.  Set up time for dealers will begin on Thursday, Sept 19 at 8am to 4pm. All exhibits are to remain in place until 3 pm on Sunday Sept. 22, 2024.  Table fee is nonrefundable.

Assistants are limited by the number of tables you reserve. Every 2 tables qualify you for 1 assistant free. Assistants are allowed into the showroom during vendor hours as well as being granted Registered Guest privileges. (Free entrance to showroom, ability to take classes, Photo Booths, Movie Night, Opening Night Reception and more) Cost for Registered Guests is $35.